The Children's Home at Silchar, district Cachar which was running since 2012 has been shifted to Hailakandi district at Silchar Road, District Hailakandi with approval from the State Child Protection Society, Assam for functional convenience. The home is located in a middle class neighbourhood, and this facilitates a lot of community participation and interaction.
The infrastructure and accommodation facilities has been upgraded. It is a loving residential home, where vulnerable children are cared for in a holistic family environment.
The purpose of the Home is to nurture children with comprehensive child care facilities for ensuring their all-round development and enhancing their capacities and life-skills while working with their families for their rehabilitation and reintegration into the mainstream. The children who are covered by the Home include parentless, abandoned or abused children in need of care and protection. The programme functions upon the belief that children must be ensured a good education, nutritious food, good physical and mental health and plenty of opportunities to grow.