The Welfare Organization for the Destitute Women, Infants and Children’s Enrichment and Enlightenment known popularly as “WODWICHEE” was founded in 1989 and registered under S.R. Act of 1860 in 1993 and FCR Act. of 1976 in 1999. It is also registered under Section 12(A) of Income Tax Act, 1961 . It is a voluntary organization dedicated to the upliftment of the underprivileged section of the society. During the mid-winter season in 1989 a group of socially committed and dedicated person of the Barak Valley region of Assam with a mission to empower women and to make the downtrodden rural women aware of their rights, able to sustain themselves without humiliation and give their children the promise of healthy growth, constituted a voluntary organization on 19th Nov, 1989 through a general meeting and named it as “WODWICHEE”. The Constitution, by-laws and other relevant were formulated in the following meetings on 12th and 28th Dec.1989. In the year 1990, a popular social worker donated an Assam type building of plinth area 2750 sp.ft. and 3.22 bigha of land to WODWICHEE. The office of the WODWICHEE was established in this premises. In the meantime Wodwichee started to under take and execute specific programmes towards fulfillment of its objectives and commitments. The Organization was established with 32 active members and with an asset of Rs. 2670.00 and after 15 years the Organization has more than 430 active members and has an asset of more than Rs. 1.5 Crores. Right from its inception Wodwichee has been committed to the cause of destitute women and neglected deprived children. In addressing these objectives and commitments Wodwichee has been concentrating its humble effort on socio-economic upliftment, improvement of indigenous skill, education and awareness. In addition to these, WODWICHEE’s programmes focused selectively on areas of need based concerns such as health, education for disabled children, sustainable rural resource managements, youth development, aged persons care and environment etc.

Main areas of intervention

In addressing the commitment and objectives, WODWICHEE has been concentrating its efforts on empowerment of women through education, training facility and support services to women & girls in need. In addition, WODWICHEE’s programme focused selectively on areas of need based concerns such as care for the children in need , education & training for the persons with disability, health & nutrition of mother & children, and rural resource management for sustainable development. WODWICHEE completes 23 years of its untiring and relentless services and tried to achieve its cherished goal though integrated approach and diverse means keeping a focus on women, girls and children.


WODWICHEE completes 15 years of its untiring and relentless services and tried to achieve its cherished goal though integrated approach and diverse means keeping a focus on women , girls and children. Right from the inception to till date WODWICHEE continued the programme exploration in all the identified priority areas and consolidated and developed in its programme activities. The following paragraphs show a brief categorized summary of activities of WODWICHEE during last 15 years.


The welfare of the destitute women and Children has been the priority area of activities of WODWICHEE since its inception. The activities were mainly divided into the major components : Economic and Social empowerment. In the context of economic empowerment indigenous skills were identified and the rural poor identified women were provide with need based training, orientation and loans time to time. Under the Rural Micro Credit Project every year a series of village meeting was organized followed by the establishment of Self Help Groups at different villages. A production cum training center on improved waving has also been established at Lakshirbond. Also trainings were imparted to rural women on horticulture, pisciculture, kitchen, gardening and vegetable cultivations etc. In the realm of social empowerment of women Wodwichee has set up and organize a good number of programs like Balika Mondols, Human Recourse camp, and women’s action group, networking etc. at deferent places of Hailakandi. With an objective to explore sustainable income oriented employment avenues for rural Women, especially in un-organized sector WODWICHEE has been running a Support to Training & Employment Project since 1997-98. The project comprises of components such as communication, identification of skill, awareness and sensitization, organization of groups, access to training and subsequently credit, marginal and marketing support to identified rural women. In addressing the much felt need of an integrated effort, a Short Stay Home has been established at Lakshirbond, Hailakandi with assistance from the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India. Health, nutrition, education, training and counseling service are being provided to these woman and their dependent children towards rehabilitation in society.

The Major projects:

Swadhar Greh at Hailakandi
Swadhar Greh at Cachar
Ujjawala P & R Home at Hailakandi
Integrated Programes for Senior Citizens
Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for addicts
Family Counseling Centre

Date: 15.03.2018
Place: Hailakandi