i] To undertake and implement programmes/projects to promote, protect and fulfill the human rights of women and girls and to stop/eliminate all forms of violence and abuses against women, girls and children.

ii] To undertake programs/projects to provide holistic care, protection and services like shelter, food, training, counseling and legal aid to distressed women/girls and children living in difficult circumstances and to rehabilitate them through undertaking all services as will be required for their rehabilitation and empowerment.

iii] To organize educational programs, training and workshops etc. for improvement of skills and technical knowledge of the weaker section keeping a focus on women leading to their self-reliance and empowerment.

iv] To undertake programs/projects to render holistic care, protection and services like shelter, education, counseling, health, nutrition and training etc. to deprived/underprivileged children and adolescents for their welfare and rehabilitation into the mainstream of society.

v] To organize/undertake programs/projects for care, protection and rehabilitation of socially maladjusted Juvenile.

vi] To undertake/implement projects for education, training and rehabilitation for the persons with disabilities to ensure their equal opportunities, social justice and empowerment.

vii] To undertake programs/projects for improvement of living status of the under privileged weaker section of the society such as Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribes, Other Backward Classes and Minorities etc.

viii] To undertake and implement programmes/projects for social justice and human rights, gender equity and democracy.

ix] To undertake programs/project for improvement of living status of the destitute older persons by providing shelter, nutrition, medical care etc. and to encourage productive and active ageing.

x] To undertake all such activities and programmes to alleviate poverty and bring about better living conditions, mutual cooperation and self reliance in rural society towards inclusive development.

xi] To undertake projects for development of rural amenities like housing, sanitation, training and infrastructure facilities etc. for BPL population.

xii] To undertake programs on agriculture, horticulture, live stocks and allied for development of weaker section keeping a focus on marginalized women.

xi] To undertake programs for youth development and to promote national integration, population control etc.