Ward No. 13, College Road, Dist. Hailakandi, PIN 788155, Assam

The Access to Justice for Children Project implemented by WODWICHEE, Hailakandi in partnership with Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation aims to ensure legal support and protection for children who have been subjected to exploitation and abuse. Through this initiative, the foundation works to empower children with knowledge about their rights, provides legal aid, and collaborates with legal institutions to create a safer environment for vulnerable children. The project plays a crucial role in advocating for justice and safeguarding the well-being of children in need.
The Access to Justice for Children run by WODWICHEE has a total of 12 staff including a District Co-ordinator, a Victim Assistance Officer, a Counsellor, a Documentation Assistant, an Accountant and 7 Community Social Workers who have 10 villages under each of them.
Under this project, we have selected 70 villages of Hailakandi district from different blocks and we are relentlessly working towards achieving the zero figure mark i.e we are working towards declaring those villages as child marriage free, child sexual free, child trafficking free and child labouring free zone within the next few months.
As part of our objectives, our team seeks to assist the children who are the victims of any kind of sexual offences, children who were trafficked, children who are working in various sectors as labourers and also the children who were married off before reaching their legal age of marriage. Our support person accompanies the child during the whole trial and we also provide counselling to the victims for as long as they need counseling. We apply for the child's Interim compensation during the trial period and apply for full fledged compensation after the trial.
Basically we try to ensure justice to any victim child and also try to make sure that they get justice as early as possible.
Our project work also includes creating awareness among the communities and so we emphasize on creating awareness among the masses, conducting sensitisation programmes with the children, conducting sensitisation programmes with the parents etc. We are also trying to reach out to the grassroot level to see a real change in the society.
We are also open to change and continuously innovating new methods to connect with the public.